Ultimate truth of Buddha

Ultimate truth of Buddha

After seeing these three steps of life every human has to suffer, Buddha realized the mortal human life cycle is repeating endlessly as long as the souls wish to continue as if to correct the inadequacy of the past lives.

He taught us the true escape from the suffering life cycles is to endure this life and cut off all the desires for worldly assessments.

Then our spirits and souls will be at peace in the place called nirvana where there is no pain or suffering but just the existence in the tranquil universe where the highest Gods, Buddha and many good spirits are gathering.

Today’s message

O’ those who are suffering
O’ those who are struggling
Awake from the evils schemes
Awake from the materials hunting
Purify your minds
Purify your souls
Set them free from the hands of evils
Put’m on the path to enlightenment
Then you will be free forever

May you find the rest to your spirits and souls.

Those who are hoping, your suffering will end as soon as you make it to.

Thank you.

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