every day is a beautiful day

every day is beautiful
God’s planet is unique
contaminated by the negativity
to escape from the ugly reality
going back to God’s planet
and feeling its beauty
is the best healing ever
why not putting the mind
on the true releasing one
for there will be no return
in the labyrinth selfishness
that afflicted the weakness

Please enjoy the song in this video link

Thank you


having nothing
too much transparency
no hidden places
all known in advance
it’s nature’s life
of natural way
to be strong in the jungle

having everything
less transparency
many hidden places
mostly secret in advance
it’s humans’ life
of skeptical way
to struggle for pioneer

which way is better?
i don’t know

wish i could see inside my body
anatomy and know the disease in advance,
wish i can’t see the dark side of
the events and news to release
myself from the reality stress.

wish i have a brain of knowing no negativities.

too transparency in negativity
more transparency in positivity
too transparency in positivity
more transparency in negativity
more transparency in the dark
less transparency in the light
more transparency in the light
less transparency in the dark

the shady darkness looms
it’s too dark to see
why there is no transparency in the dark?
because it’s dark and no transparency will have effect…


transparency is only in the light
the enlightened God’s way of life.

may your lives be strong and transparent as the forest.

Please enjoy the song of transparency.

Thank you.

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