Celebrate the paradise

It’s a beautiful planet
Colorful pictures
Collecting the gallery
With a rich sense
To catch the angles
Which most entertain
Selecting these pixels
Arranging into video
Adding soft melody
To serve your joy
Feeling spring near
Virtually blooming
Soothing the mind
To relax and think
How to make
A beautiful day
To last longer be
quotes to remember
A pleasant day
Forgetting negativity
Forget the negativity
Forget the past…
A new day born
Strength to go on
RePower the life
The cure remedy
Beyond reality…

Please enjoy the spring time quotes.
Thank you.

flowers wish

many flowers
composing a poem
speechless beauty
healing to the best
painting the land
with jewelry like velvet
what they try to say
is a moment to shine
cheering the admirers
the one moment
never last forever
the lesson to learn
about the mortality
a message saying
becareful spending
life’s moment to full
never regret to bloom
a flower of kindness
to save the lone
to free from loneliness

Please enjoy the healing power of the beautiful flowers video.

Thank you.

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