Mystery of asia

exotic beauties all over asia
many temples of variety
abundance of pagodas
the monks followers of Budda
practicing meditation
and giving alms generously
how peaceful they seem


despite the legendary curiosity
the mystic ancients events
hidden in the past centuries
there are many hidden tragedies
brutalities, cruelities in asia…
happening in the modern days
slavery, trafficking are remaining
dark narcotic trades are growing
dictatorship’s citizens crackdowns
killing people’s lives neglecting laws

are suffering, dying and starving
we just know this reality on news
nothing that we can do…
how sad we have this tragedies
having them striving on earth

Who are responsible?
Why can’t we crash the evils doing?
What is going on in priority?

We are using weapons to the weaks.
We are giving weapons to the strongs.
Why the poor and unprofitable people have to die for the weapons business?

Budda’s teaching

Don’t kill others
Don’t lie others
Don’t steal others’
Don’t drink alcohol and drugs
Don’t do sexual abuses

The recent Myanmar coup, despite being Buddhisms, they break all Budda’s rule. They are evils killing people for their wealth selfishly.
Now under global awareness to stop this coup’s evil doing.
May God and Budda bless the Myanmar’s saviors.
May the evils end and powerless in this world.
Please help the innocent people’s lives and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, their democracy leader, now under arrested by the evil military coup who unlawfully robbed the nation to make the people their slaves.
The military coup is the terrorist who kill their own citizens for their wealth.

Many gratitude to those who are helping Myanmar people for their freedom of democracy.

No more deaths allowed.

Please enjoy the asia’s beauties in this video.
Thank you.

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