Nobody’s perfect…

Thinking to be meaningful
Thinking to be perfect
But nobody’s perfect
God created diversity well balanced
The system cuts everybody into
the robotic machine…
That’s why now under threat by the robots…
We are building a world of machines
Where humans are living
Still struggling for another vaccines
Because the machine won’t help…

This is to express how humans fail nature and environment welfare…

Thank you for watching the humanity’s awareness video.

There is no personal and identities intention. It’s a reflection of the happening around the globe…

Thank you for understanding.

Grand journey in the mind

many beautiful grand places
elegently situated to see
an architecture of the past
still gorgeously amazing
powerful structure of the ages
sense of sacred holy hall
a romantic view decorated
a reflection of the richness
the flourishing arts and crafts
a symbol of leisurely made
by abundance time invested
royal and graceful building
forever gazing to joyfulness

Please enjoy the virtual architecture tour.
Thank you.

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