Nobel mind

Between humans
Experiences to share
Valuable notion
Of nobility feeling
Subtiles perception zone
Research more and more
To show humans’ nature
To build beautiful mind
Roles to perform
Hopes to cure
Making a loving lesson
Fill the earth with tenderness
Tame all to love each other
A better visions of creations
Bold to control
The strong relation
Amongst mankind
The light guidance
Of your intelligence
Expecting from all..

Please enjoy the Nobel mind’s elegance and beauty.
May your hearts be soft and gentle to brighten the days to give hopes to all..
Thank you

Healing time

It’s Friday here
At the end of weekend
The first thing in mind
To heal the poor mind and soul
To give a good time to the body
Resetting for the next week
Thanks to all the good saviors
All the good spirits who care
The most cure on earth
Is the beautiful nature
And the beautiful songs
No harmony no life..

Please enjoy the healing time video.
May you care yourselves to be healed and relief from all the negativities.

Thank you

JOBs for ALL

are you hungry?
yes, everyone too
are you stressful?
yes, everyone too
do you want more income?
yes, everyone too
do you have future?
yes, everyone too
are you worry?
yes, everyone too
do you have a family?
yes, everyone too
do you have a job?

yes, working long hours to make ends meet
no, no place to fit in
no, systemic joblessness
no, corona joblessness
no, …

Many voices these days in pandemic
unattended to, fear of being cutting out from getting the daily bread…

People starts to fight for the bread..
it’s the sign of the poverty…

Wishing many lives go on under well control in a resilience way…

To solve, is to implement Jobs for all or foods for all..

A gratitude to those who are caring many lives by supporting with kindness and encouragement…


symmetrical beauty

symmetrical beauty
vastly show the same
reflect what is on the line
a true copy of a masterpiece
the pictures reflect well
only on days of no wind
harmony and tranquility
a must condition required
nothing to judge
when there is a misty scene
nothing to say
when there is a cloudy scene
for the perfect nature
that brighten the air
a reflection of the existence
on its dwelling own ground

Please watch the beautiful photos and listen to the sound effect.
Thank you.


Love is all you need
Love is all we need
Love can bridge the planet
Love can heal all suffering
Love wins
Love is future
Love shares
Love is just
Love is hope
Love is generous
Love is dream
Love makes dream come true
Love is humanity’s savior
Love is our children around the globe
What will you leave tomorrow to the next generation?

Please enjoy the rejoice video.
Please share the love to build a beautiful tomorrow.
Thank you.

The original resources

Scenic slow life
Full of natural happiness
Having abundant time
To care and festive
No rush hours
But the sweat works
Which build healthiness
Everything has a meaning
To its existence
With time evolutions
Better and worse
Cause the classes
Those who don’t evolve
Those who evolve
The fact makes me doubt
What is the cause
Of today’s polarity…
Convenience sometimes
Become the most reason of inconvenience…

Please enjoy the ancient richness lesiures.
Thank you.

A bless of light

The light
It goes everywhere
To shine on to hopes
To all the sleeping towns
Awakening of lucks
To strike with holy blessings
Transfering to the Godly glory
Power up the story
To a prosperous days

Please enjoy the light of mind poem.
If we are pure in the mind, the blessing of God will lit our lives shining more to be the good saviors to lend more of our hands to all in needs…May your heart be bright and your mind be filled with happiness and wealth..

Thank you.

How to relax against stressful days

It’s been a year
People are suffering
From the pandemic
Restrictions everywhere
How a stressful situation
Instead we do have
More chance to enjoy
The nature’s beauty
And hobbies more
Hold on till the end
To live a normal life
As happy as before

Here are some ideas to enjoy in this video.
Thank you.

May your days be filled with hopes and happiness.
May you win your stressful days by being more kind and optimistic.

Study on the spiritual energy

The unseen energy
Matter the most
No success yet
May be the inner energy
Still not enough
To do the work
To realize the dream
To reach the goal in life

The spiritual energy
Mostly positivity
Are the real strength
To achieve the aim in life
The more negatives
The more stress and worry
The more far away from tranquility
To build the mind
To master own’s energy
A practice of good deeds
Indeed will enhance
Your body and soul

Please refer to my study on spiritual energy in this video.
May your soul be strong and energetic.
Thank you.

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