Snow diary

It’s winter..
Snow writes her dairy
In the book of earth
Flakes by flakes
On and on
She writes
Catching the cold
Inside her crystal soul
Freeze to her beauty
Showing white as her purity
Dangling on branches
Piling on the rooftops
Staying by the pane
Painting the town dreamy
The land transformed into Disney
Making the season joly holy
She fulfills her duty
Before spring clinging in…

How positive are you?
Do you know how much the snow cherish the humanity?
Do you see the negative side only?
The good things so many the snow does.
Why does the snow storm memory remain deeper in our mind?
Our brains remember the negative more than positive one?

Mind control point,

After the snow storm, learn to love the snow by skiing on it, is how to overcome the bad memory…

Humans have no strength against the nature’s phenomenon.

But have the strength in mind to endure it.


Humans have more blessing time than the rare storm.

Please enjoy life and know many blessing out there.

This video was made to enjoy the beauty of the snow’s winter dairy.
Thank you.

2021 is approaching…………..

May your days be filled with joy and hope.

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