Snow diary

It’s winter..
Snow writes her dairy
In the book of earth
Flakes by flakes
On and on
She writes
Catching the cold
Inside her crystal soul
Freeze to her beauty
Showing white as her purity
Dangling on branches
Piling on the rooftops
Staying by the pane
Painting the town dreamy
The land transformed into Disney
Making the season joly holy
She fulfills her duty
Before spring clinging in…

How positive are you?
Do you know how much the snow cherish the humanity?
Do you see the negative side only?
The good things so many the snow does.
Why does the snow storm memory remain deeper in our mind?
Our brains remember the negative more than positive one?

Mind control point,

After the snow storm, learn to love the snow by skiing on it, is how to overcome the bad memory…

Humans have no strength against the nature’s phenomenon.

But have the strength in mind to endure it.


Humans have more blessing time than the rare storm.

Please enjoy life and know many blessing out there.

This video was made to enjoy the beauty of the snow’s winter dairy.
Thank you.

2021 is approaching…………..

May your days be filled with joy and hope.

The great conjunction

Jesus Christ’s return
Welcome Him heartly
It’s great polarity division
Check the zodiac to prepare
Welcome Him with a better you

Those not well prepared…
There are negative declare
So beware

To me,
I think this great conjunction means
the salvation time.
A warning of war and neglect to the people who are struggling for the daily foods…
If we humans upset Him, disaster awaits.

God’s strong message to save humanity to be humane.

Let’s pray and help each other.
Let’s pray and love humanity.

Harmony to prevail on earth again…

Please enjoy the conjunction imagination in this video.

Thank you.

May God bless the earth planet.
May we understand His important message.
May we fill the righteousness in every hungry doors..

The life of universe

What is universe?
What are parts of the universe?
As long as there is universe, parts of the universe are there existing forever..
Shall they be in flesh
Shall they be in spirits
Shall they are the particles
Shall they are the radiations
They will transform the appearances, but in any forms they will exist somewhere some forms…
The strength of binding will make the miracles of encounters
What you can’t have or near or see
You can still feel or think or having in mind…
When there is time you think it’s darkest and coldest…be greater than your circumstances, be your own light to brighten your way back..
God trains the hardest lessons to the most outstanding child..
Clear the quest! Because God gifted you with the quality to clear this already.
Go beyond the current cloudy curtain, then you will see yourself with more energy with an unbelievable strength to go on and rock the stage of life to your dare.
God is calling a challenge circumstance to transform you to a better and smarter one.
Every thing happens for a reason to get near to our goals in life.
The length the wealth of life matter less than the meaning we live for.
Make today the best day to live meaningfully.
Sometimes self love is the best way to heal when there are many unacceptable happenings.
Close your eye, breath, relax,
Don’t hold the tears which could harm the body.
Once the stress liquid released out of the body, then mind will be reset completely, if remain inside it will pile up and cause negative effects.
We can’t change the weather, we can stay warm helping each other..
No problems stay forever.
Times drift and the weather will be fine again.
This video is to show the vulnerability of human beings.
Feel it and know that our strength in mind is above all else.
In this pandemic winter, many people have to give up many things that matter most to their lives.
Especially we are weakened in the mental condition.
We need each other more in this time of social distancing.
Giving encouragement online is the only way I could to help many out there.
Though it is so limited.
Please share the love and help each other. Forgive and let go. Stay strong.

Ps. These tips are my life’s experience. I am glad if this help make you release from the current despair of the nightmare.

Thank you.

3 stages of meditation

Meditation is not just sitting
consciously in silent, but also the mindfulness in every action and thoughts.

Knowing the core of cause and effect, understanding the truth mechanism of the natural principles,
accepting and feeling the tranquillity state of the harmony…to the level of particles leading to the spiritual relief are including in the states of meditation.

Please try to find this kind of blissfulness by constant unwavering mindfulness.

In this video, there are some hints for further knowledge on this subject.

Please enjoy the merits of meditation
Thank you.

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