Quotes for the day

Sometimes, reading quotes could be a reset of mind. Please enjoy the power of words and heal yourself with a melody. Thank you.

MY quotes,

Every one has every right for a reason.

Perception reveals the inner wisdom.

Blaming vs. Praise, which to choose?

Without being in others’ shoes, the true story won’t be understood.

Every one wishes to be perfect.

Give chances to every one.

There are one sun, moon and many stars in our views, but they are countless and many more than we know out in the universe, cosmos,…

How good? How much can we care for the sake of mankind?

Love each other.

Share the love and kindness.

Make a space to help.

Make a space to love.

Make a space to care.

Make a space to escape from stress.

Power up the righteousness.

Water the seed of kind heart.

Build the bond for the good relation.

Every one has a mother who proud of him or her. Don’t judge.

Help instead of criticize.

Accept that there are various types of persons.

Respect the differences.

If it is good for other, do it.

No shame to struggle for survival.
Or make a better place to protect.

Every one deserves forgiveness for his or her mistakes.

Nobody is perfect.

Willing to change and be flexible to make a better place are smart actions.

The problems are the stairs to the new innovations. Welcome the advices to the corrections is the door to the better places.

Be optimistic.

People like to have mutual understanding.

Be smart and crazy at the same time.

This planet is not owned by anyone…

Humans existence is just a mercy of the creator, God.

Thank you.

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