Weather contest

There is always the changing to keep unchanged. To maintain the earth in harmony, the weather contest is performed seasonally. Now, it’s the shifting time. In the nature’s contest, one fading and one invading silently without any disputes as they are one of the obedient parts of the God’s creations. Taking turns in the performance of nature’s curtains, the earth is colorful with variants. The scenery is turning to another one peacefully though there are some sacrifices. This picture reminds me of how to behave in the changes to keep sustainability. The process of metabolism, the mechanism of mind control, the flexibility of adapting the situation, many lessons to learn from the amazing natural phenomenon. What is the purpose of its creator? Do we really know this? Why are we in ravage storm of win and lose? Win+Loss=Tie ie., affiliation? So, neither side of win nor loss is the solution but the neutral affiliation for the unconditional judgement. Rather than choosing the better season, adapting both and live to the most out of them is what the nature’s speaking? Please enjoy the video and hope you will get a moment of relaxation. Thank you.

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