Where are we?

We are in the darkness, and we are alive by the mercy of the sun. Where there is no sun, no plants, and living things. In such a place of no light, the only media is the darkness. The existence gives no meaning, but the mind and soul go beyond infinity. The power in the darkness, still unknown to humans. Looking up the night sky, sending the mind there and fly the soul to beyond our reach, will surely give us different perceptions and senses. It is like, ego and self are nothing and disappeared to diffuse into the media of the invisible bulk of particles. How magical this moment will be? What is the city of light that is God’s kingdom? Is it enlightened in the mind while being in the darkness or totally a different new setting of the earth after resurrections? Interesting as it is, my topic for today’s video is about the expression of where we live in which there is the sun for half of the day. Please enjoy the video. Thank you.

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