Against the storm

Everyone has a nightmare for once or more in life. Nobody has a smooth way to the dream. All are struggling in every way and are stressed with the burden of life. To make a better place, to live a better life….We are pushing each other to be more and more, better and better. According to the law of nature, a new thing is born, will ripe one day, and will mature until it is ill and worn out. This law, nobody could resist and against any power. Nothing can be done with humans’ nature. This means, however hard we try, the time to ripe to succeed is decided. The time to wear out also. The earthly flesh dream is fragile and uncertain. God’s will for our mankind is to build heaven inside our soul to escape from all these sufferings. Yes, our destiny is, the city of light, God’s heaven. Be pure and kind to each other and don’t hurt others’ feeling. Forgive each other. These are what God keeps preaching to us. This video is the expression of droning in the sea of earthly stress and after that, rising to the stair gradually near to God. Please enjoy it. Thank you.

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