my spiritual finding

what is the purpose of humans?

universal scale thoughts:

to live until the world ends?

to increase humans population?

to understand God’s existence and follow his rules?

global scale thoughts :

to love and to make peace?

to make a better place to live?

to help the mankind?

to live harmoniously?

personal scale thoughts:

to win self ego?

to endure life?

to understand the earthly principles?

to go beyond infinity?

chemical, mechanical and biological thoughts:

a mere action and reaction of element?

a mere system of a set of fixtures?

a mere mechanism of a small organized principles?

mental, psychological and spiritual thoughts:

the unseen or heard action or reaction kind of results of a small system like the existence of the magnetic field, we know its existence but can’t see or heard or touch but by proved experiments?

where is God?

why does he care humans and universe?

is he too, an organized system which is the highest existence of the least probability to form as nearly a miracle?

ie., the small system of existence is inferior to the highest system and has to obey the universal laws?

in my opinion,

existence is a mere perception?

all elements are in a relation in the systems of the universe which is a tiny part of the galaxy?

a bulk of electrons of diversity?

every happening is a collision of reactions?

no individual but a bulk of chemicals suspensed in the media of the galaxy?

ie. every system has its weakness,

there is always another possibility,

there is always another solution,

there is always another miracle,

depending on the types of power released by the system,

i am, here, interested in the unseen power of miracles, to upgrade the system with these unknown existence of mysterious around me in this bulk of the existence.

i am glad if someone who will agree and understand these phrases of mysterious findings, only will know the ego is the most unwanted barrier of every individual tiny system and will know how secluded and weak it is compared to the bulk of ultrazone existence which are superior than any physical on earth.

oneness, it shall be called?

or the infinite mysterious bulk of systems?ーit is, the one true fact is that there is no boundary or private or ego or self, at allーa unity of all humans is a better system of the earth as its existence.

thank you readers

hope you enjoy my spiritual findings

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