The peaceful virtual tour

The mind is stable in a slow and steady environment. When in the busy and glittering, it is sensitive and unstable. So, frequently giving the mind a chance to exhale in the peaceful visiting sites is necessary. Especially, during this restricted social distance time, the mind is unstable and needs to relax. Do you care about your mind to the best today? This video will give you a brief tour to get a comfortable look around the town. Please enjoy and may your mind be filled with virtual satisfaction. Thank you.

You are everywhere

Everything is God’s creation. We should never forget this. All remind of God and His mercy when He built the earth for the very first time. He set all things in connections to work harmoniously. To make a better place is our duty as humans to keep His will. This video is about the consciousness in His presence. Please enjoy. Thank you.

Devotion of the souls to sacred God

The Lord is always knowing us. Taking refuge in Him is the only escape from our daily suffering. Strengthen your souls in concentrating the mind on Him. Our souls are eternal. So why not make it powerful to rejoice in His kingdom? This video is about the expression of devotion to the holy spirit, God. Please enjoy the beautiful melody and may your soul be blessed. Thank you.

Praising to my God

At the end of the day, a feeling of gratitude is the best remedy. Today, I praise God for all his creations and mercy grants. Please enjoy the video and I am glad if you feel giving thanks to the Lord, our God. Above all else, the spiritually and mentally fit and soundness are the gifts of God for us to carry on. May God bless you, too.

Where are we?

We are in the darkness, and we are alive by the mercy of the sun. Where there is no sun, no plants, and living things. In such a place of no light, the only media is the darkness. The existence gives no meaning, but the mind and soul go beyond infinity. The power in the darkness, still unknown to humans. Looking up the night sky, sending the mind there and fly the soul to beyond our reach, will surely give us different perceptions and senses. It is like, ego and self are nothing and disappeared to diffuse into the media of the invisible bulk of particles. How magical this moment will be? What is the city of light that is God’s kingdom? Is it enlightened in the mind while being in the darkness or totally a different new setting of the earth after resurrections? Interesting as it is, my topic for today’s video is about the expression of where we live in which there is the sun for half of the day. Please enjoy the video. Thank you.

Against the storm

Everyone has a nightmare for once or more in life. Nobody has a smooth way to the dream. All are struggling in every way and are stressed with the burden of life. To make a better place, to live a better life….We are pushing each other to be more and more, better and better. According to the law of nature, a new thing is born, will ripe one day, and will mature until it is ill and worn out. This law, nobody could resist and against any power. Nothing can be done with humans’ nature. This means, however hard we try, the time to ripe to succeed is decided. The time to wear out also. The earthly flesh dream is fragile and uncertain. God’s will for our mankind is to build heaven inside our soul to escape from all these sufferings. Yes, our destiny is, the city of light, God’s heaven. Be pure and kind to each other and don’t hurt others’ feeling. Forgive each other. These are what God keeps preaching to us. This video is the expression of droning in the sea of earthly stress and after that, rising to the stair gradually near to God. Please enjoy it. Thank you.

Admiring to the celestial zone

God’s celestial kingdom, what is it like? What we know is that it is the 963Hz zone. How does it look like? How does it feel to be there? In my imagination, this is a pleasant place with a healing melody. I created a poem to praise this amazing destination. Please enjoy the video and the sound I have chosen to express. Notice: Please be positive and think clearly while watching. Thank you.

Study on vision

All living and non-living things are part of the universe. We are all suspended in the radiation and atomic particles…We are seeing what we can see,,,, though there are many unknown and unseen universe out there near and around us…Our physical action caused by our flesh will have a great influence to the little universe around us. Similarly, our mental action caused by our soul also has a tremendous effect on all particles visible or invisible around us. That is why we should mind our actions and thoughts consciously as the guidance created by our Lord, who can see beyond our visuality. Please enjoy the topic of my study for today. Thank you.

A cozy day poem

It’s a beautiful day. It’s a cozy day. Everybody wants to have fun and enjoy a good time with loved ones. But, these days, many people have to spend time in quarantine losing their jobs…many heartbreaking stories all around the world…People, we the people, all want happy lives and loved ones to be around to spend the beautiful days. Many dreams of these days of happiness….We did have many happy days already, maybe. But, when there is an unstable situation continuing with no clear direction, humans brain is set to be stressful and worrisome for their future…HERE!! I would like to remind you that enjoying a happy day, as usual, is possible. Just go outside to somewhere into the wide-open air like garden or park, bathing the sunlight, and doing a grocery shopping. Cooking at home and enjoy homemade food, it is possible for everyone. So why are we worry for what we don’t see ahead of us? So, forget the corona and enjoy the sunlight of the blessing summer. It is time to strengthen the body before a long and cold winter…This video will make you feel like going outdoor and having fun. I hope you like it. Thank you.

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