Today’s inspiration

meaningful thoughts and deeds are the only smart way of living.

to be meaningful, to avoid meaningless, first is to know the meaning of life.

living own’s life and building own’s goodness or sacrificing one’s life to build the better world? or supporting the strong righteousness?

we are what we eat and what we do is what we know. what is good is what has meaning. doing good is being meaningful.

have a nice weekend.
don’t forget to smile.
thank you…

About eyes nutrition

At the end of the day, what is on your mind?

We always forget to give nutrition to our eyes..

Think about it, isn’t it fantastic to be able to take a glance on beautiful nature just by watching on our screen being at home.

Sometimes, we notice less on the miracles we have at hands.

We are in the modern era where we have full facility to heal our body and mind to our heart’s content.

Aren’t we trapped in the web of our own imagination concerning to the social network behavior?

We can choose to watch the things that are good for our body and soul.

But, rather than doing so, we mind too much on the social network languages
which are unintentionally coincide or directly hurt by the unknown.

Happiness inside our own mind, Can you feel it?

If no, you are hacked by yourself and your mind is lingering in the past of nowhere where there are not acquaintance but the unknown thoughts of the nobody…

We are haunting and hurting ourselves by our own thoughts.

Let it go. Take it easy. Deep breath. Smile. Above all else, Forgive. And
the rarest of all, Love. And the least of all, Watch the healing videos. And the most important of all, Relax.

Thank you all. I appreciated all your care and kindness. Please wait in enjoyment for the next healing post.
I will try my best to cheer you all .

Have a blessing day!

it’s time to think of unity for humanity?

In my first book, there is a chapter of how humans should be copromised as one related to the disaster we are facing now. Please read and spread the idea of oneness of God’s will.

in this time of multiple disasters, what will you choose? ego? or unity? humanity? or lost in uncertainty? or living positive? follow God’s rules?
the only hope is God and being positive. yes, may you find the best solution for humanity.

Prayers in variations

In every situation, keeping hopes and faith in the Lord is the only way out to free from daily distractions or stresses.
How much reality in the prayers of how they matters, decides how near or far we are from the Lord and goodness.
May our days be filled with love and kindness. May our minds are not cynical. May the fears and worries are washed away by good deeds and thoughts. May peace be prevailing on earth and the selfish ones are changed to let go of the ego they are trapped in. May all the neighbors are careful for selfless actions to make a better place to live or the land will lose its fertility.
May all the goods strive to make the everlasting peace on earth. Every identity is the builder of its place. May God bless to all. Have a safe and sound and happy day!😀

Strengthening the mind

This video is made to power the mind. Thinking and concentration in the right mindset enables the strength of mind.
Will power, mind power, is the only power we have to go on living a peaceful way. Power up your mind with the words and melody here. May God bless you with the greatness of strong mind.

Awareness for Corona

The world is still struggling in the virus crisis. I just listed up tips of what we can do to reduce the risk of infection. Daily care and constant mindfulness in disinfection are essential for every individual. This is the Humans unity against the virus unity power testimonials. Of course, Humans are not uniform and still, some are not disciplined, yet. I am glad if this video gives you some ideas. Thank you for watching it.

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