Flexibility & Positivity

Accustomed to daily habits

Ritual gets stronger and stronger

Stubborn in control gradually

Caught in stillness, motionlessly…

Helpless in self ego mining

Forgetting the meaning of flexibility

Stop and think for a second

Always distracting by the appearances…

Losing to get the inner peace of mind

Cannot understand the reality

Lack of flexibility always

A true meaning of life…

The right definition of humans

Perceiving not other’s weakness

But one’s own sensitivity

Indulge in the positivity or what…

May tomorrow be in goodness

Show to God the purity of mind

No doubt round about nowhere

May the eyes see the natural beauty

To please the Highness…

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Conscious in kindness

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In our everyday life, an act of kindness is essential for everyone. The power of this kind could change someone’s life. This video is about how it affects our minds. Please enjoy, share, and subscribe if you like the video. Thank you for watching it.

A messenger of Joy

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A messenger of Joy

Come to inform happiness

Flying around here and there

Trying to please the soul

Knowing how to cheer

Make a serenity to bring

Secure in the goodness

Dear and kind of You

Thank you God…

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Thank you.

Spring beauty

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Sunny these days

Bright with sunlight

A warm golden time

And many new leaves

Green and fresh trees

Plants and flowers reviving

This time of season

Happiness is spring…

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Have a wonderful spring time. Don’t forget to relax and enjoy the beauty of the nature.

Healing MELODY

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Healing melody

The power of healing

Always a fresh start

Relax and enjoy the beauty of nature

Thinking of tomorrow

Fill with energy

To shine again…

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Today, I learned a new skill to create a YouTube video attached here.

I heard many sayings that in the coming days, YouTube will be more popular.

As there is 5G service launched in Japan recently, more videos will be shared and downloaded thanks to the faster internet speed.

So, the skill to communicate with people by YouTube will be trending more and more.

Please enjoy my new poem in my first video.

Tool for video creator: Adobe Spark

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