I wrote a manuscript. When I finished my first book, I started to analyze and find which genre or category is suitable. This is the start of knowing myself precisely. What I wrote is mostly related to the philosophical contents. This is how I started to know about me. All my life, I have many thoughts in my head. These thoughts are with me all the time. I see all the happenings around me differently most of the time. I am complex about why I think distinctively. My first experience as an author taught me that I am a naturally philosophical person. Knowing this, I am relaxed and happy as if I found a place for me. Since then, I am enjoying having a philosophical view and studying about it. I studied the basics of philosophy today and I found out that my first book “Innocent Controversies” has both the Western and Eastern philosophical points of view. 

 I hope that you, too will know more about yourself when you challenge to the limit, more and more of what you dream. Knowing our own natures and what we good at, in addition to the current ability, is a pleasure to pursue. The followings are my notes to share with you all.

Philosophy is called phílosophía in Greek, meaning the love of wisdom. It is the study of knowledge and thinking. Philosophical questions unlike the sciences are usually reflections and do not rely on experiments. Philosophy is a sense of thinking in an inestimable way and it contributes to sociology, science, literature, politics and so on. It is a way of learning to think about a wide range of issues and its methods of analyzing arguments can be useful in a variety of situations in various areas of life. It is important to examine the philosophical questions which make life worth living and meaningful to understand the universe and everything.  

Western philosophy: Find and prove the truth, focus on individual rights, religion, science, mathematics, politics, physics, astronomy, biology and so on. 

Eastern philosophy: Accept the truth as given, interested in finding the balance, social responsibility, awareness of the unity and mutual interrelation of all things, which are inseparable parts of a cosmic whole.

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