Today I learned the new discovery that I’d like to share to you all.

Why new virus born?

Mosquitoes eaten by bats -> Bats eaten by humans -> Humans spray pesticides to mosquitoes -> Mosquitoes immune to them -> The bats eat the chemical contaminated mosquitoes -> The virus in bats mutated -> New virus born -> This kind of cycles are continuing endlessly. -> Speed of vaccine development is beaten by the speed of new virus born.

Why virus transmitted to humans?

-> Bats are eaten by other animals or birds -> Birds fly everywhere -> Animals infected -> People eat them -> Infected

Note: Bats has 60 types of virus in them. Virus mutates when their antigen are damaged. Please click thn link to read further more about the virus mutation. Source: for more details on virus mutation

Should we kill the bats?

No, they are natural pesticides that could kill many insects i.e. they help human as cost effective pesticides. Without them, the crops and plants need more chemical pesticides to grow. Foods price will rise.


Corona crisis is the message of the sustainability alarm. Humans break the nature’s law. Corona is the anger of the nature.

The chemical synthesized world failed to maintain and sustain the balance and harmony of the nature’s recycle eco system.

It is time to turn back to nature way of living. No mosquitoes, no bats, no plants, no humans….

The corona warns us about the mission to grow our own foods by the natural way in our own garden…

Controversial thoughts of humans’ system for sustainability

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