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Gradients of the sunlight

Earth of the flowers fields

Where the bed of grounds

Covering blanket of rains

Have grains of the offsprings

Slowly growing of the sprouts 

Cutie pop-outs are seen

To be tiny golden green

As the leafy opening

Carrying the dreamy buds 

Hiding in the hearts 

Greeting of the spring

Come brings lovely colors

Gradually peep to the passers

Beauty blinks of weather

Wait to dress for grooms of skirts

Umbrellas of flowering spree

Gather in the fields

 Happiness in beauty parading

Proud under shady trees

Swing in a wild wind carefree

Flattering still with the breeze 

Bow and bow in the rainy days

Lay and lay in stormy ways

On the hot days dry to pain

Days go on lives go on

Stories of seeds bloom to perish…

The teaching of the immortality…

So enjoy every day to the fullest…

Blow away the sadness and stress…

Make the most of the time have…

Bloom to life as well as best as can…¬†

Lives of the temporary flowers

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