A Time For…

A magical treat is needed

In the hearts

For the kind moment

A special care brings

To the souls

For the humility

A brave mighty

Inside the mind

For the encouragement

A good medicine

Of a big smile

For energy to go on

A healthy service

Gives us alive

For another survive

A time to rethink

The beauty of humanity

Joy to help and share


Thanks to You Tube Source by Nature Therapy

Just a glance of the scene
Or a piece of photo
Video of nature
Never fail to heal us
Its enormous power
Tremendous beauty
Pure fresh atmosphere
Filled with pleasant sounds
The flows of water
Cool in my head
The best experience ever have
Thanks to the earth…

Please keep it clean
Live and grow together with care
To cherish God’s homeland
We are responsible for the green
Wish you all a happy nature celebration

The beauty of nature

If you try to see

Trees and flowers 

Swaying gently in the breeze

If you turn around

The green forest

They are living around you 

When you lookup

There is a blue sunny mirror

And pure white cloud floating

Standing firmly and hear

The shaking of the feet

Upon the pebbles and ground

The sound near you

There is a flow of a stream

Rushing to a mile more

Beholding nature’s miracles

Breath in the clear air

A moment you find the rare

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