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So here is the article of how to be a trader.

BUT WATCH OUT! IT’s corona shock period and the financial market is in chaos and the volatility is unstably higher four times than normal. Not a good timing to start doing demo trading but you cost nothing by demo. So why not experiencing the unstable maket trend condition. Learning to trade requires calm mentality, perseverance and self displines. Good luck!

Study purpose blog March 10, 2020

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Financial market:

Financial securities and derivatives are traded at low transaction costs in the financial market. The market provides an avenue for sale and purchase of assets.
The market helps the flow of savings and investment in the economy by facilitating the capital and production of goods and services.

Market types

  1. Stock market
  2. Bond market
  3. Commodities market
  4. Currency market
  5. Derivatives market

Why trading in the financial market?

  1. Saving in a productive way
  2. Profiting on price differences
  3. Assets liquidity
  4. Low cost
  5. Easy access.
  6. Risk-sharing information

Why a normal person must try to trade?

You can be a trader by trading online or e-trading with your home computer. The requirement to start trading is to register to brokers of good reputations. But, learning the rules of how to trade and the fundamental knowledge of the financial market are required to prepare. Start with demo trading to make sure you can win trading in the markets.
Some people trade without much preparation and make a big loss. If you want to be a trader, there is no short cut but to learn the required knowledge to qualify for trading. Some people trade as a career earning good money which is higher than salary income. So, it is worth a try. Who knows you don’t have that trading talent? Trading needs no high educational background. If you enjoy buying and selling, managing money and interesting in the news, you can trade. If you are a disciplined person, then it is a plus. The more you master in trading, the more you make a profit. You can contribute to the economic cycle like a businessman.
Trading needs no company establishment. You are free to trade everywhere on earth as long as there is a high-speed internet connection. Many millionaires are born this way.

Steps to be a trader

  1. Learn from successful traders
  2. Learn the markets knowledge from books and websites
  3. Create a trading strategy
  4. Test trading skill by demo-account
  5. Set goal
  6. Start small

Why is trading exciting?

1) When the economy is strong, the up and down trend is stable and it is exciting to predict the trend. If you learn the basic knowledge to trade, you will know when to buy or sell to make a profit.

2) When the economy is weak, the trend becomes unstable and it is risky to catch the right trade entry. A sudden trend changes could happen during the weak interval. If you learn how to trade, you can manage this by risk management strategy.

Thus, you can trade all the time regardless of the economic condition. It is wise to choose the right market type at the right time. Many successful traders make money throughout the year because they have a strategy for every market situation. They can even win in the Crisis market.

My reviews
I am not recommending but I sincerely share what I have learned about being a trader could be a profitable solution if you master the essential rules. Good luck and wealth to you all.

I will update more in the coming blogs. In this uncertain era, preparation is the right thing to do. Hope you enjoy this blog. For further information, please go to the source in the link below.Learn more

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