Turn to God

Better applicable
Property no critical…
No earthy fake
The greatest aid
Biblical faith…

God is there
To be seen
And searched…
Amidst fear
Weary mind
Decision wrong,
Long for cure
Faster recovery
Hoping creepy,
Far away flown
Blown to scary
Forget God’s glory.

Stretch His arm
Open and wide
A few learn…
Most run despair
Where no fair
Trapped in bare,
Farther gone
Labyrinth long
Winding around,
Sinner bound
Wrapped in vows
How to renounce.

Take a deep breath
Head mind Christ
Rejoice arrives…
Unstable things
Swings in spring
Begin to fin,
Nothing stays
No forever
Mortal decay,
So we pray
Lay in Him
His preaching.

Abide words
Lord’s torch
Unlost in loss…
Across pain
Panic’s wane
Godly gain,
When no hope
He’s all hopes
To devote,
Soul in Him
Bold in peace
Role of bliss.

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