Mechanism of panic attack

How we lose control by the fear stimulants? How to be strong mentally?

My message:

I studied about the fear and panic response. These days, panic responses are happening everywhere in the world. Stock markets chaos panic sell off, supermarkets panic buying, and many unusual panic actions are observed. Why do humans panic and act in the uncontrollable ways? This is because of our natural self-protection system of our bodies. If we understand more about how panic works, we could act more stable than usual? Meditation in mindfulness could give us stability and act calmly? Strong mentality could help us be wiser. NEVER PANIC. CONSCIOUSNESS. POSITIVE MIND-SET.

Source: Thanks to UNC Psychology and Neuroscience, Anxiety and Stress Lab PDF

Reading summary in brief:
Scientifically, immediate or short-term anxiety is called the fight/flight response. The purpose of anxiety is to protect the organism for immediate action.
Factors to release response
1. Nervous and chemical effects (eg.News or alert stimulants etc.)
2. Cardiovascular effect (eg. Heartbeat due to stimulants)
3. Respiratory effects (eg. Increase in speed and depth of breathing due to stimulants)
4. Sweat gland effects (eg. Natural cool down process for the nervous body heated by the stimulants)
5. Other physical effects (eg. Pupils widen, dry mouth, nausea, constipation, muscle groups tense)
6. Behavioral system (eg. Desire to escape from being trapped in the undesired condition)
7. Mental system (eg. Losing control)
8. Panic attack (eg. Fight/flight response is activated.)
Panic attack symptoms
a) Hyperventilate arousal adrenalin bodily changes -> Heart pounding -> Fear -> Heart pounding -> Misinterpret -> Fear -> Pounding heart
b) Hyperventilate arousal adrenalin bodily changes -> Dizziness -> Panic -> Dizziness-> Dangerous -> Panic -> Dizziness

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