Hiding in the sand for storm!

Everywhere is chaos

No stability as usual

Unseen fear

Swelling near

Panic trying harder,

Panic to action

Sand of castle

Washed away

Rush to clay

All went away,

Vulnerability test

The one way quest

Just to pay abstract

No return adds

Upset memory,

When will it gone

Amid of crisis born

However strong

The storm raging

Is hiding wrong?

My thoughts~

These days, the world is in crisis, restless mind condition…

Sitting at home, wondering for the good time to come…

All these feelings, recorded in poem…

A freezing history is opening…


What we can do now is enjoying the precious time to be at home with family…

How we long for the long holidays…now it comes…why not enjoy it? why in fear?

Meditation, reading, learning new skills, indoor exercises, writing blogs, surfing internet, watching TV and movie etc., we can do all these things…

Throw away fears and make the best of present times…

If we are happy today, we can try tomorrow?

Please don’t lose your days in unseen fears…


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