Vicissitudes of life

A gloomy days
We live
Hoping for the hopes
We try
Getting no shape
We break
Marching every inch
We retrace
Passing through darkness
We stumble
Living in the mid of the night
We yawn
Waiting for the dawn
We await
Praying for a beautiful day
We dream
Coming is tomorrow
We sleep
Missing the morning glory
We regret
Catching up the speed
We late
Thinking of the ways
We loss
Getting more lessons
We grow
Wondering for the goal
We miss
Invading the storms
We endure
Facing the unseen fear
We fell
Having no resistance
We tremble
Relying on the power
In God
Dreaming for another day
We live
Bearing the burden
We stand
Keeping faith in Thee
We dare
Felling the fright
We might
Betting on the sides
We fight
Getting no grain
In vain
Having the powerless
We wet
Doubting the fate
We wait
Blessing is coming
We win
Knowing the key to patience
We sing

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