Study on Coronavirus

I studied about the coronavirus since this crisis is threatening nowadays.

I searched by Google with many keywords and summarized briefly what I have learned as follows.

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The reviews I posted on this blog are the collections of references from various news and social media. I do not own any reference contents and data. This is the blog about my view and my humble opinions on sharing the information and thoughts. Let us pray for the benefits of the world and may peace be on earth. I thank you for your understanding. Please enjoy the merit of the precious information era. Please let me know if you have comments on this topic.

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How to cope with the Corona crisis

Why the corona virus is dangerous?

The virus is a protein which has many spikes (ref. spike protein) on its structure. These spikes can hook on the receptors of the human’s body cells i.e. lung’s cells. Once they bind cellular receptors, the virus fuse with the human’s cell membrane. Once infected, the lung will be highly mucus that it causes difficulty in breathing, headache, high fever, dull, coughing, pneumonia, severe respiratory distress syndrome and multiple organ failures. It is a deadly virus.

Why humans fear the coronavirus infections?

As mentioned above, once the virus gets into our respiratory system, it will harm the body within a short period. How do they get into our body? From the nose, mouth and the openings which lead to the respiratory organs. If they attached to the clothes or body parts, they should be killed by the disinfectants before it’s too late. The link below is result from google surfing. (Ref. What kill corona virus and the right disinfectants)

We don’t know if we contact to the virus in our daily activities. So disinfection is the only one thing we can do. It stays in the body for 2 weeks, showing no symptoms. Therefore, the infections are spread widely by the humans who don’t know they are infected by the virus. They even spread around the world by the infected travelers. The infection rate is fast since the transportation systems are so speedy. Besides, humans population density is higher compared to the ancient time. The best thing to do is to stay at home. Schools are closed and public gathering are prohibited in some countries. Pray for the world and save people from this unseen fear of virus.

Symptoms check app is here. Please check and make sure of you have no symptoms.

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Room air conditioning setting references

COVID19 is alive for 24~72 hours on the surfaces of cardboard, plastics and steel. It drops to the lower atmosphere after coughing by the infected person. From the mouth to the lower atmosphere or ground, it takes about 34 minutes. This means, they are in the air, they are on surfaces everywhere. They are on the ground.

Room temperature >/=25 degree C

Room moisture >/= 65%


Early tests of the virus infection or early treatment could win the virus? But the tests equipments are limited. Therefore, people should make less gathering not to spread more. Economically damage is inevitable. I too have to stay at home to look after my child because the school was closed for a month. Since I have time, I decided to share what I learned from the internet about this corona virus via my blog. I suggest to live healthy and eat healthy to boost the metabolism and resistance of our bodies. Not all the infectious people die of the virus, some even getting better after treatment. It is improtant not to distribute the virus by ourselves.

What I do to protect my family from the infection

  1. Cook well done meat (no raw)
  2. Vegetables are boiled (no raw)
  3. Drink lemon juice
  4. Sleep at least 6 hours per day
  5. Jumping for exercise
  6. Drink enough water (1L/d for adult)
  7. Mask, hat, glass protection when going outside
  8. Avoid contact with things as much as possible
  9. Spray the disinfectants to mat, clothes, blankets, etc.
  10. Wash the clothes with disinfectant detergents
  11. Wash hands or spray disinfectants or dispose glove after touching the public place’s door nobs or buttons etc.
  12. Change the bedsheet more than regular frequency
  13. Keep or stay in the good ventilation surrounding
  14. Work from home
  15. Use wet disinfectant tissues to wipe out the spit after someone’s coughing near
  16. Stay away from other people for at least 3m further away etc.

One day humans will overcome this virus crisis. We are in the mid of the accelerating rate of infections now. Calm and wise actions will help reduce the problems. Pray for the quick recovery from this virus crisis.

—End of my reviews—

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