The seed of love

Wandering to destination

Don’t know where ..

Caught in the beautiful melodies

Don’t know why..

They heals a lot.

Blown away with the wild wind..

Time drifting ….

No healing chance

Trapped in the storm!

Nowhere out.

Then..Suddenly be a sprout

Feeling the breeze..

Return of this healing..

Growing and growing.

Yes, the seed was remembering..

Overcome the savage chaos

It’s time to feel the breeze..

And those beautiful melodies..

Grow more for more breeze.

The seed of love

The seed of kindness


Saved in the fallen trees.

Now caress in free

There is breeze to heal

Rooting strong with no fear…

Tree of loving kindness

Never flown again

More breezing time on ways……

photo by pexels

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