Poetry: Curiosity~A flavor of life

A flavor of life

Out of curiosity, we commit things

Out of curiosity, we go further

Out of curiosity, we find new things

Out of curiosity, we trap in sensations

Out of curiosity, we rise and we fall

Out of curiosity, we find in coincidence

Out of curiosity, we find a new dream

Our of curiosity, we meet a new friend

Out of curiosity, we love and we part

Out of curiosity, we learn and mature

Out of curiosity, we become a better we

Out of curiosity, tomorrows are bright

Out of curiosity, we try for another day

Out of curiosity, we grow and grow

Out of curiosity, we feel and happy

Out of curiosity, we are free

Our of curiosity, we create

Stuck in curiosity, act in curiosity, craving for curiosity

Curiosity is a flavor of life we are addicted….

Love clashes

An act of loving righteousness

An act of loving freedom

An act of loving egos

All clashes active….

Love of lovings

Ending in clashing

Dashing to the shore…

Behold the wide open world

A time to rejoice

With the spirit of Christ…

A peace and harmony

Rebuild the humanity

With the help of Thee

The greatest power to heal….

May peace be on earth

May love be felt in your heart

May your wish come true

May clashes of love lead to a peaceful day….

Nothing’s gonna stop

Everything is changing

So do your fate…

Everything is changing

So do your grade…

Everything is changing

So do your favorites…

Everything is changing

So do your weight…

Everything is changing

So do your innate…

Everything is changing

So do your cravings…

Everything is upgrading

Up to your makings…

Happy and smiling

As to your wishing…

Life is just a soaring wing

Flying high to rest on trees…

How to be in mindfulness?

Illusions, nervous, anxieties, worries, irritations, stress ….

Many the people are suffering…

Here is the secret to overcome from them…

The straightway to talk to all the Gods!

I suggest to “MEDITATE”

Please do meditation.

  1. Sit down straight in the silent place.

2. Close the eyes.

3. Inhale (Say inhale in your mind during drawing in the air fully into your lung.)

4. Exhale (Say exhale in your mind during breathing the air out.)

5. Keep on repeating steps 3 and 4.

6. If thoughts start to appear in your mind, focus more on steps 3 and 4 until getting the stable rhythm of 3 and 4.

7. Repeat 3 and 4 as long as you can.

8. The more you can control the rhythm 3 and 4, the more clear mindfulness you will experience.

Wishing you all good respiration process and better health by meditation everyday.

Spending more time in meditation can change your life into a happy and successful one.

May god bless you….

What is missing?

A life test we have

Even we don’t want to have

Already in the test….

Always we bet right or wrong

But strong is the answer…

The better you care

The more it is unfair…

All the unseen tasks

Wrestling in trust….

However smart in the start

Failing at last…

What is missing

In our living….

There our thoughts go to God

Know how to stop our ego odds..

Now his teachings

Bringing hopes in winning…

A test of life

All seems alrights

Thanks to Christ…

What can you see?

A vision a scene

What have you seen?

See it with your eyes

Feel it with your heart

Don’t judge it with your doubt?

Be proud to be pure

Be pure to be kind

Be kind to be good

Be good to be God’s

Nobody is perfect….

We are the victims of our own visions…

Agree or not

We feel good when we do good deeds…

Or lost to be good another day…

Lost tempered and stressing days…

How about exhale to make ways

To smile fully for happy grail…

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