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“If we could see the miracle of a single flower, clearly our entire life would change.”

This book is all about tulips, from its mania history to the cultivation method. Readers could also enjoy thousands of words of wisdom, poems, quotes, and the paper art of tulip arranged in colorful pictures. A book to share with your loved ones and family as an inspiration of love and hope. A knowledgeable gift for your children to learn about nature’s wonder.

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Book Review: Innocent Controversies by Yuriko M. — Cristian Mihai

Why do we do what we do? Why do we dream the dreams that we dream? Or think the thoughts that we think? What inner workings compel us to make certain decisions? Inner Controversies is a a book about those mechanisms of the mind, about the way we construct reality based on a sort-of dialogue […]

Book Review: Innocent Controversies by Yuriko M. — Cristian Mihai


Please enjoy the happy reading during your holidays. 30,000 words 2h read

You will surely get a simple key to your peaceful mindset.

Please contact me and you are welcome, if you would like to share your comments on this book.

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my first book cover (C)

“The reality of living in simplicity,

is free to our choices to escape from

all the sufferings and controversial thoughts.”

By Yuriko.M

“A writing journey

Within my mind

Reflecting the era

Dreaming of beauty

Trapped in realities…

By Yuriko.M

“A picture of the earth

Decorated by genes with times

In harmony with controversy

Routines build the systems

Simple solutions for dilemma

Devotion of perseverance…

By Yuriko.M

About my publishing: I started to write by the end of 2019. It took 4 months for me to complete my first copy. My dream to publish a book in 2020 is realized thanks to all supports. I am glad if this book could accompany you during your quarantine. Wish you a happy reading.

All aspects in one book, a simple vision through problems, a fresh philosophical point of views, some humors, … and more interesting contents….Please don’t lose this opportunity to know more about me and the big picture of the world. You will be part of the book when you go through the book chapter by chapter. I am appreciated your challenging on my first book decorated with positive and negative conversations. Please share me your controversial thoughts too. 🤩✨📚📖📘

Vicissitudes of life

A gloomy days
We live
Hoping for the hopes
We try
Getting no shape
We break
Marching every inch
We retrace
Passing through darkness
We stumble
Living in the mid of the night
We yawn
Waiting for the dawn
We await
Praying for a beautiful day
We dream
Coming is tomorrow
We sleep
Missing the morning glory
We regret
Catching up the speed
We late
Thinking of the ways
We loss
Getting more lessons
We grow
Wondering for the goal
We miss
Invading the storms
We endure
Facing the unseen fear
We fell
Having no resistance
We tremble
Relying on the power
In God
Dreaming for another day
We live
Bearing the burden
We stand
Keeping faith in Thee
We dare
Felling the fright
We might
Betting on the sides
We fight
Getting no grain
In vain
Having the powerless
We wet
Doubting the fate
We wait
Blessing is coming
We win
Knowing the key to patience
We sing

Exploration in the concealation

days are the cells
months are tissues
years are skin
when days turn to years
years turn to decades
decades to centuries
where will we be?
may be we are suspending
somewhere in the atmosphere
or in the exotic new planet?

please enjoy the poem of exploring the unknown in this video

whereever we are, what matter is with whom we are with to complete our destination as a perfect God’s humans sampling

this poem is a poetry of fantasy

thank you

A special moment for a special life


just one special moment can change the life

just one decision can change the moment into a special life

just a great arm can save the humanity

all we need is just a true passion towards each other

all we need is the kindness, forgiveness and understanding

at the end of the day
what will remain in mind should be a special moment

please enjoy the poem of a special moment in this video

how many special moments are there in your mind.?

thank you

Thinking philosophically on what is limit?

a philosopher
thoughts over spilling
thinking out loud
what’s really mean as a meaning
in fact everything is existing
not just for a reason
but just an outcome of bursting incidents
nothing really has a meaning
but humans
psychologically weakbones
try to find every meaning
in every way
but easy and peaceful way is
taking nothing seriously
and take no serious in everything
so what is limit?
non sense or essential?
when there’s no limit when needed
there’s limit when meaningless
it’s just a humanitarian limit of the brain?


humans need to update
so many beliefs and rules
which merely make sense
especially in this special era
of nonstop information

cost limit?
regulations limit?
out of resources?
brain’s delusions?

sometimes, writing down the brain’s claims help a lot to stay calm or to reset

please enjoy the poem on limit philosophy
in this video

thank you

Love remains, what else can we do?

Love is enough: though the World be a-waning
And the woods have no voice but the voice of complaining,
Though the sky be too dark for dim eyes to discover
The gold-cups and daisies fair blooming thereunder,
Though the hills be held shadows, and the sea a dark wonder,
And this day draw a veil over all deeds passed over,
Yet their hands shall not tremble, their feet shall not falter;
The void shall not weary, the fear shall not alter
These lips and these eyes of the loved and the lover.

by William Morris

What else..can humanity do without love

love remains
thee shall love
for it remains
in the souls
of the spirits
that will last
in the countless

by Yuriko.M

please enjoy this poem of though the world will be in this video

thank you

The Prelude by William Wordsworth

The Prelude
Wisdom and Spirit of the universe!Thou Soul that art the eternity of thought!That giv’st to forms and images a breathAnd everlasting motion! not in vain,By day or star-light thus from my first dawnOf didst Thou intertwine for meThe passions that build up our human Soul,But with high objects, with enduring things,
With life and nature, purifying thusThe elements of feeling and of thought,And sanctifying, by such discipline,Both pain and fear, until we recognizeA grandeur in the beatings of the heart

please enjoy the poem with melody in this video

reading someone’s words and thoughts is knowing his or her way of perception

thank you

Bibles Quotes

In the ancient time, we have God and Budda to save us from troubles and diseases.

Nowadays, we have many Systems and NPO to save us from insecurities and troubles.

What is different is the lack of who sacrifices for many lives?

Though, there are many individuals who sacrifices their lives for others sake..

Today is a father’s day to dedicate to those who are bread earners who sacrifice for his family.

please enjoy the bible quotes in this video

thank you

It’s worth trying

These are words
The way of noticing
And saying plainly
Of not turning away
From the precious moment

Time have offered  
To those who know only 
Giving them back 
Equal amount of
Putting efforts to efforts

If only this could show
How very adoreable
To the admirers
A gentle sweet atmosphere
A wrap of joy and pleases

please enjoy the poem with the melody in this video

thank you

Humanity’s love poem collections

There’s nothing quite so moving as beautiful love poems.
Luckily for humans’ romantics, they’ve been in abundant supply throughout history.
From Rumi in the Islamic Golden Age, to iconic playwright William Shakespeare, to modern-day “Instapoets” like Rupi Kaur, love has been one of the most-explored themes among writers and poets for centuries.

please enjoy the love poems with melody in this video

when all things are messed, just enjoy the love poems to soften your heart’s muscle to relaxation

thank you

Importance of pH balance for longevity

The term ‘pH’ stands for ‘potential of hydrogen,’ which is the measure of a solution’s hydrogen ion concentration. It is a measure of acidity or alkalinity on a scale of 0 to 14 – Zero being extremely acidic, 14 being extremely alkaline and 7 being neutral. When a solution is neutral it means there is complete balance between acid and alkaline. The human body tries to keep a tight range around neutral on the pH scale – between 6.8 (slightly acidic) and 7.4 (slightly alkaline). The most important thing to remember is that your blood pH needs to be maintained between 7.365 and 7.400. This is because blood needs to be slightly alkaline to nourish your tissues, organs and organ systems.

please check do’s and don’ts to balance the body pH

thank you

Beautiful Sigh of Relief

Beautiful Sigh of Relief

This is the best wanderlust
To cruise along the cliffs
This is the bless-upon-bless
That kept appearing beyond the arms 
Toward the horizon..

The one vast refuge for the tired heart
The glimmering sweet memory
The beautiful and revealed sigh
A relife reliable religion to breath
Toward a splendid dream..

Please enjoy the poem of the sentiment toward a relife in an only refuge

In life, we, humans are struggling everyday to make a living, a helping hand, a warm heart, a refuge place, a sweet smile, are all the best

May your days be filled with loves and hopes

Thank you

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